Okay, okay we didn’t really Moon Philly or anything… but I do have to make a confession here…


We had the most fun and beautiful little mini-honeymoon on our weekend trip down to Philly.
It helped that the weather was pretty much perfect too. As they say… “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” haha.

We arrived in the city and went straight downtown to our hotel for the night.

The Embassy Suites.

Where all the magic happened… haha

The View

We’ll be visiting there later in the trip…

The excited to be in Philly and I am a dork, mirror picture…

Brian’s dressed and ready for  our first day/night on the town.

As am I!! Let’s go!

Sadly, this first day/night I left my camera behind. I wanted to take it all in.🙂

We walked all around the city making a few pit stops here and there. We ate yummy food and saw amazing things.

Walking down South Street we came upon this place, which like it’s name is truly magical!!

Beautiful Murals and Mosaics everywhere in the city, SO FUN.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Then a short walk from there found us passing by this shop where we saw people weaving on looms inside. We were slowly peering in when one of the fellow’s waved us to come in and check it out. So we did. We found out that it was called Arts Street Textile Studio and what they are all about can be read about here in this article: Arts Street Textile Studio. It is an awesome idea for helping the homeless learn a new skill and sell their art. The man that invited us in was named Rob and he was one of the artists. I bought a lovely scarf from Rob after talking with him about his work. MADE MY DAY.🙂

We also found this great hat store, where Brian and I both had so much fun trying on hats of all kinds and made some lovely purchases🙂

On Saturday….

We took a short walk down to Love Park which was right near where we were staying…

Cool statue outside our hotel.

This is the area we were in

Then we drove out of town… through “West Philadelphia…. Born and Raised… On the playground is where I spent most of my days…” Anyone?

Anyways, we were headed to the town that Brian grew up in outside of Philly… These were some photos I took along the drive through some of the rougher areas, I was glad that I got to see all parts of the city. Of course we didn’t go to the extreme rough spots.

Before we got to Brian’s hometown, we made a detour for lunch to get my second  Philly Cheesesteak of the trip so far, which was delicious! Brian says the one essential to a great Philly Cheesesteak is the Amoroso Rolls which are delivered fresh every day to places through out the city. I took this picture of the proof of delivery to this lunch stop.

So after taking a little tour of where Brian grew up we headed to our second “hotel” called Normandy Farms in order to get ready for our Hall of Fame Ceremony at Brian’s High School.

This place was amazing!

We stayed in the West Gate House and we basically stayed in the whole half of the first floor. It was pretty great.



TV/Sitting Room

Pretty light

I think I died and went to bathroom heaven.


So then we got all dressed up and met up with Brian’s friend Josh and his fiance Kristen and grabbed some dinner before the boys were reunited with the rest of their awesome High School Swim Team, one of the best in the country at the time they were there! It was so fun and great to meet some of Brian’s old friends. His school was so huge, bigger than like 3 of mine put together.

Josh and Brian

After spending an amazing night at Normandy Farms we decided that we would stay there on Sunday night too. And take all day Sunday to go back into the city and do more touristy exploring.🙂 So that is just what we did.

First thing on the list when we got back into the city was to take a horse carriage ride tour through the historical area. This was beautiful and amazing. So much history here in Philly.

This was our horse, BILL

It was a beautiful morning for a carriage ride.

The Signer Statue.

It costs a pretty penny to live in this area now.

One of the oldest and longest continuously lived on streets in America…

Philadelphia the city of brotherly love…

After our tour through the historical district. Brian and I headed over to check out the Art Museum and the “Rocky” staircase. But before we did he wanted to show me this nice running path that goes along the river and we noticed there was a rowing race going on and stopped for a bit to check it out. The geese were busy checking us out.

Then we got to the Museum, It was huge! We didn’t have time to go in and look around. But I suppose you have to save some things for another trip.

Yo Adrian….

Then after the museum fun we headed over to the Reading Terminal Market!! This place was great! Like Faneuil Hall in Boston, only BETTER! Although because it was a Sunday we missed out on some of the shops because all the Amish People that bring there goods, do not come to the market on Sundays. So that was a bit of a bummer.

Pig’s Feet Anyone?

Or how about some Ox Tail?

After getting some yummy Falafel’s at some Middle Eastern Restaurant in there for lunch we went over and purchased a few AMAZING cheeses from the cheese shop to take back to Normandy Farms with us and enjoy later before dinner.

After we got back and took a lovely swim and relaxed in the hot tub we enjoyed our new cheeses.

We got, a lovely canadian chedder, a little french soft cheese, and our favorite of the trip, Shropshire Blue Cheese which was so delicious.

Then we got dressed up one last time and had a nice fancy dinner at Coleman’s Restaurant right there at Normandy Farms where we were staying. It was a great way to end our little amazing Mini-Moon.🙂

Thank you honey for showing me such a lovely time in Philadelphia. I love you.

One thought on “Philly-Mooners!!

  1. Alina and Brian,
    It was so wonderful getting to spend time with the two of you newlyweds! We’re stealing you guys away for longer next time! You’ve done such an amazing job here too…you’ve effectively sold me on re-visiting my home town…again! Awesome photos, thank you so much for sharing! Kristin and I look forward to your writing the “Alina n Brian go to San Diego to visit Josh n Kristin…Yippi!”, article of your blog!…(hint, hint).
    Big huge hugs,

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